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Sustainable Swine Breeding - Hypor

Hypor is part of Hendrix Genetics , a multi-species animal breeding and genetics company. Hendrix Genetics is passionate about animal breeding. We have breeding programs in swine, turkeys, layers, traditional poultry, salmon and trout.

Hypur | Payment & Banking Technology

Hypur’s integrated payment and compliance platform enables innovative technology providers to create tools that empower commerce. Whether you currently provide services for highly-regulated or cash-intensive industries, or are looking to expand into these markets, Hypur’s PCI DSS Certified platform provides the framework to create and deliver products these underserved businesses need.

The Hypor Magnus: Sustainable from start to finish - Hypor

The Hypor Magnus is one of the top Duroc sire lines in the world. This sire line produces heavy, uniform piglets right from birth that grow into more full value finishers. When moving to the processing plant, carcasses have greater carcass yield, easily fit many grids, and have a high degree of meat quality. The performance of the Hypor Magnus ...

Biosecurity measures on farms - hypor.com

Biosecurity. Hypor is preventing, controlling and managing possible disease outbreaks with good biosecurity. Watch the videos in this series on our principles of sanitary zones as it is the first line of defense against disease outbreaks in farms. Back.

Setting the standard in sustainable swine breeding - Hypor

Hypor, the swine brand of Hendrix Genetics, has spent many years focusing on balanced swine breeding. This means balancing the progress of many traits to generate profitability for the total pork supply system.

Hypori - The Future of Secure Mobility

Hypori is a highly secure virtual smartphone solution that lets users perform business tasks on their mobile devices while leaving zero footprint and guaranteeing 100% separation of personal and corporate data. Hypori makes truly secure BYOD a reality. See How Hypori Works.

Assistance from a distance - Hypor

Prifoods Co Ltd, Hypor Division has been our Japanese distributor for more than 40 years. Hugues Six, the General Manager for East & South East Asia, commented on the importance of Prifoods’ selection process, “The maximum genetic progress in our Japanese customers herds (BioHypor) is ensured by a yearly import of top quality Hypor Kanto, Hypor Landrace and Large White Top GGP boars from ...

The Hypor Libra: farrowing and weaning the litters of today ...

The Hypor Libra: farrowing and weaning the litters of today and tomorrow. Considering the productivity of a sow farm does not hinge on any single parameter, but rather on the culmination of many parameters. Hypor, the swine brand of Hendrix Genetics, provides genetic solutions to help our customers be more productive and profitable in order to ...