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Electric Heat Fryer

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The fryer’s size, fuel, and specification are customized design in accordance with your purpose, processing and product’s features.,drtubes

Patty Forming Machine

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Suit for forming meat, chicken, fish, TVP, and pet food into patties. Mold shape can be customized. Changing mold can make various products.,japanese sx



susy gala,white dp Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the well-known food processing equipment suppliers in Taiwan, since 1996.

Regardless of Tabletop Continuous Deoiling Machine, meat processing machine, vegetable processing machine, bread making equipment or commercial deep fryer, every commercial kitchen equipment designed by white dp is to meet your requirement of high productivity, and low cost.,xxx most

white dp has been offering customers food processing machinery, stand alone and production line, with advanced technology. Contact Now to get the best deal!,kitchen porn


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sex hub porn,Tabletop Continuous De-Oil Machine, with powerful blower to blow down the remaining oil.

(Tabletop) Continuous De-Oil Machine
(Tabletop) Continuous De-Oil Machine

DH507S uses a powerful blower to blow down the remaining oil on the product surface.
DH507S is one of our Tabletop Production Line, forming->batter coating->powder coating->frying->de-oiling, fully automatic and high efficiency.

Rid surface of oil for dry package, avoid product with too much oil to become soft. Reduce oil content to improve quality.,sex n boobs


1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, easy to clean.
2. It is continuous type, the efficiency is good.
3. The blow angle and power can be adjusted.
4. The speed of conveyor can be adjusted.
5. The blower can blow down the remaining oil or water on the surface of products to reduce the oil or water content.

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  • Power- 620w, 220/380/415V, 50/60Hz, 3-phase
  • Size: L462*W370*H720 m/m
  • Net Weight- 45kgs

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sex lesbo,Suitable for oil content or water content products. Applied to green onion, chicken, pork, beef, lamb, fish, chicken wings, drumstick, chicken nuggets, hash brown, seaweed, hot pot materials, shrimp, French Fries, potato chips, ham, hot dog, vegetarian product, etc.


tube8.c om,pork chop → batter coating → crumb coating → frying → de-oiling

patty forming → batter coating → crumb coating → frying → de-oiling,desi gf sex

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  • Tabletop Patty Forming and Portioning Machine - Tabletop Patty Filling and Forming Machine
    Tabletop Patty Forming and Portioning Machine

    puran sexy,white dp’s DH806S is the smallest food forming machine. Small model, suited to a variety of mixtures of numerous textures and consistencies, e.g. meat, fish, potato, vegetable, TPV. DH806S uses feeding spiral to gently press mixture into a variety of shapes and sizes, e.g. burger patty, nuggets, hush brown, fish cake, vegan-meat, pet food… etc. Assisted by the drum scraper, the formed product is then smoothly ejected onto a conveyor or additional processing. DH806S is small size but fully functioned, saving space and material. Combines with DH506-200, DH509S, and DH507S can be a mini production line: forming→battering→breading→frying→de-oiling. Please contact us to get it now!

  • Automatic Batter & Powder Coating Machine(Tabletop) - Countertop Battering & Powder Coating Machine
    Automatic Batter & Powder Coating Machine(Tabletop)
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    Table-top saves place and suitable to be live-showed in restaurant or chain stores to keep food fresh and draw customer's attention. Applied to coat chicken/meat/fish filet, chicken wings/nuggets, Tonkatsu, pork chop, hash brown, croquette, hot dog, refreshments...etc. This machine can also be connected with a forming machine(DH806-1、DH806-2) to be a production line. e.g. (vegetarian) fillet / nuggets. Auto-process with efficiency, fast and high quality. It's easy to operate, dismantle, maintenance and clean.,teens pussy

  • Tabletop Electric-Heating Frying Machine - Countertop Conveyor Electric Fryer
    Tabletop Electric-Heating Frying Machine
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    white dp's DH509S is the smallest continuous frying machine with powerful heating system. Easy to operate: It has auto-controlled thermal system can adjust oil temperature and keep it steady. The conveyor speed is adjustable to control frying time. The upper conveyor belt can hold products in frying oil. Easy to clean and keep sanitary. The conveyor belt can be taken apart for cleaning, and there's drainpipe to discharge oil and water. The whole machine is made of stainless steel. DH509S is for variety of prepared food products including: Chicken nuggets, chicken wings, drumstick, seaweed, hash browns, , breaded products, spring rolls, vegetarian foods, batter coated products… Custom design is available to meet your unique production needs.,tits grab


    Tabletop Product Line: Forming→Battering→Crumbing→Frying→De-Oil,sexy clips

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