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Electric Heat Fryer

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nubileporn,The fryer’s size, fuel, and specification are customized design in accordance with your purpose, processing and product’s features.

Patty Forming Machine

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Suit for forming meat, chicken, fish, TVP, and pet food into patties. Mold shape can be customized. Changing mold can make various products.,bigfucktube



stella raee Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the well-known food processing equipment suppliers in Taiwan, since 1996.,hotelsex

Regardless of Automatic Frying Oil Filter, meat processing machine, vegetable processing machine, bread making equipment or commercial deep fryer, every commercial kitchen equipment designed by stella raee is to meet your requirement of high productivity, and low cost.,x video 2

stella raee has been offering customers food processing machinery, stand alone and production line, with advanced technology. Contact Now to get the best deal!,he xxx com

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sex tube8,Oil Strainer, Frying Equipment

Frying Oil filter
Frying Oil filter

DHH-850 Oil Filter is a complementary machine for frying machine, it uses heat resistant pump to filter oil by filter paper. It averts oil dregs reheating, slow down the deterioration of the oil, and prolong the oil life, reduce the oil change frequency, better taste and quality of food, saving cost.,kunoichi 3

DHH-850 can remove residues during the frying process to improve product quality, reduce oil contamination and extend the oil usage cycle. Mobility design is easily to operate and save time. It is very convenient to clean frying machine and filter the oil in the meantime, keep clean all the time.,sex 18+

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1. With oil pump.
2. Filter oil and clean in the meantime, it takes about 2~5 mins.
3. Prolong edible oil life, save cost.
4. Used temperature resistance oil-pump motor.
5. Suitable to combine with any kind of frying machine.
6. Mobility design is easily to operate and save time.
7. It is easy and efficient to replace filter paper.
8. Motor and oil tank can be separated, easy to dismantle for cleaning.

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  • 30L
  • Power: 1/2HP, 110/220V, 50/60HZ, 1-phase
  • Size: L720*W520*H470 m/m
  • Net Weight: 28kg
  • 70L
  • Power: 1/2HP, 110/220V, 50/60HZ, 1-phase
  • Size: L720*W520*H590 m/m
  • Net Weight: 32kg
  • 200L
  • Power: 1HP, 220/380/415V, 50/60Hz, 1-phase/3-phase
  • Size: L865*W840*H800 m/m
  • Net Weight: 96kg
  • Filter Paper
  • Size: L650*W420 m/m

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xxx pronhub,It combines with filter paper to filter oil dregs and prolong the oil life.

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